Privacy Policy

In our application, we use Google Analytics to understand user’s usage situation.
Data gathered by using Google Analytics is managed based on Google’s Privacy Policy.

· Google Analytics for Firebase (Google Inc.)

· In our application, the following advertisement distribution companies may automatically acquire information of users for the purpose of advertisement distribution. Regarding information to be acquired, purposes of use, provision to third parties, etc., please confirm from the application · privacy policy link of the following advertisement distribution company.(Advertisement ID etc.)

· AdMob (Google Inc.)

Data created by our application or information specifying personal information will not be sent.

We do not collect or save any data.

About permissions


It is used only for Google Drive backup. We do not collect or send any information.


We do not collect or send any information.

Privacy Policy(JP)

Googleアナリティクスの利用により収集されたデータは、Google社のPrivacy Policyに基づいて管理されます。

Googleアナリティクス(Google Inc.)


AdMob(Google Inc.)